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Take Control of your habits
and you'll take control of your life

What habits are controlling your life? What new habits do you
need to adopt in order to start living the life you envision for yourself?

Are you ready for change?

Become aware of the habits that are holding you back

Your habits determine who you are and who you’ll become in the future.
Understanding your habits helps you gain insight into how you self-sabotage your growth 
and hold yourself back from the success you desire and deserve!


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Adopt New Positive Habits that
Support You in Achieving Your Most Daring Goals 

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Life Coaching - and Positive Habits Coaching in particular - has countless benefits. When you work with me as your personal coach, here are some of you can expect... Click Here to read more!


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Meet Vertis Williams

I work with clients who want to identify their ineffective habits that’s holding them back from living their lives fully and are committed to develop new success habits... Click Here to read more!

Vertis facilitated a virtual mindfulness workshop for our organization’s Senior Diversity Officers who are spread across 54 college/university campuses. Vertis’ ability to guide the group through several types of techniques and practices was incredible. We all came away from the seminar feeling rejuvenated and were provided some incredible tools for self-care!
Tarrence Robertson, Project Director Office of Equity & Inclusion Minnesota State College
Vertis is a master in mindfulness and has led our adult students through an incredible journey of self-reflection and self-awareness.  His very presence exhibits what it means to be mindful, to be aware. His amazing sense of calmness, thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit is the essence of what it means to be mindful. One cannot help but think, “I have so much to learn from him, I must pay attention.”  
Molly E. O’Shaughnessy, Director of Training at Montessori Training Center of Minnesota

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