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♦ Your Positive Habits Coach ♦

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Life?

Life Coaching - and Positive Habits Coaching in particular -  has countless benefits. When you work with me as your personal coach, here are some of you can expect: 

  • Help You Gain Clarity on Your Goals:  I will help you identify what you really want to achieve in life - in the net 90-days, next year, next 5 years - and we'll pinpoint what seems to hold you back from moving towards those goals.
  • Identify the Habits that are Holding You Back:  Our habits either propel us towards our goals or are holding us back. Together we'll pinpoint the habits that are currently working against you.
  • We'll Replace Your Ineffective Habits - perhaps even Self-Sabotaging Habits - with Empowering Habits: Once we pinpointed the habits that are holding you back, we'll explore ways to eliminate ineffective habits and replace them with empowering ones - habits that will support you every step of the way towards achieving your most daring goals.
  • Hold You Accountable to Anchoring Your Empowering Habits and Turn them into Permanent Habits That Will Stick:
    *** Pinpointing ineffective habits and replacing them with empowering habits is an important part of the process, but without the next step, one can easily be pulled by "gravity" back into old dis-empowering habits.  As your coach, I will help you reach a point where your positive & empowering habits happen automatically, without you having to consciously think about doing them. These permanent habits will carry you along the road to success you seek and the faster and more strongly you can make them stick, the faster you will achieve a higher level of success.
  • Getting the Confidence to be Successful: People often lack the confidence that they need to be successful and a lack of belief in oneself is one of the main reasons that people fail. This book will demonstrate techniques and tips on gaining that confidence so that you have a foundation for success.
  • Identifying What Triggers Bad Habits: When you do an action habitually that has negative consequences, it is usually because something triggered it. Both types of habits – positive and negative – have triggers and learning what triggers your bad habits can mean putting a stop to them.
  • Creating Triggers for Good Habits: Triggers do not just prompt negative habits. You can create triggers for good habits as well. Together we'll help you create triggers that'll put your positive habits on auto-pilot. These good triggers can then replace the negative ones so that an entire overhaul of your habits takes place, where negative habits begin to quickly get replaced by good ones and you start seeing real changes in your life.
  • Motivating Yourself to Start the Journey: In addition to triggers, you will also need motivation, and you will need a great deal of it the first few days that you are working on a new habit – or series of them. You will also learn how to create habits that reinforce each other which adds to your motivation both initially and over the long-term.
  • Motivation to Stay on Track for 30 Days:  The first 30 days is the key to developing new habits that become deeply ingrained in your mind and body. If you can consistently perform an action once a day for 30 days you will be on track to making it a permanent fixture in your life. As your coach I will support you to successfully make it through those thirty days, and if you choose to, I'll support for as long as you need in order to keep moving towards your worthy goals.
  • Overcoming Obstacles that Stand in Your Way: Finally, you will also get the benefit of my support on overcoming any obstacle that may stand in your way - and unfortunately obstacles always arise, and it's important to have someone on your side to discuss how to overcome those obstacles. Whether it'd be your family and friends being less than supportive, personal issues that make you want to put off your plan for another time; or some other expected and unexpected obstacles, I'll be there to support you to overcome each of them.


Are You Ready?
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