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Your habits – the Maker or Breaker of Your Goals

Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, “I’ll have a miserable day” – we all want to be successful in our life – both personal and professional – but we often find that achieving the success we desire can be elusive.

At least those who don’t know how to achieve success in a specific area of life they want to change, they have the excuse that they don’t know. But most of us know exactly how to get there, but we fail to take consistent action, as if a higher power was working against us.  And, yes, there is a “higher power” that’s stopping us from most achievements we seek: OUR HABITS

In my upcoming blog posts we’ll explore how to identify your ineffective habits and How to Replace them with Empowering Habits that’ll help you consistently move towards your goals and finally achieve the success you’ve always wanted and deserve.

The Facts about Success

If you don’t think that you are where you are meant to be, you are in good company. In fact, according to a Harris Poll, two-thirds of Americans are unhappy with their life. Most people have not achieved their goals, and are not on track the way that they would like.

That’s why the self-help industry is bringing in more than $10 billion a year. People pay exorbitant amounts of money on self-help books, seminars, audio presentations and online programs to help them achieve their goals; yet most of the time, they fail at whatever they are trying to achieve, often resulting in frustration, loss of belief in ability to achieve one’s goals, and often just settling for getting by, instead of truly living.

The Solution is Surprisingly Simple

You don’t have to be one of those people who continue to fail at setting and reaching your goals. While you might have failed in the past at reaching your goal, if you implement the ideas I’ll share with you in my future blog posts, I can almost guarantee that you’ll start seeing results that you’ve only dreamt of in the past.

Do you want to become more fit? Lose weight? Write a book? Improve your relationships? Regardless of what your great goal is, with a few tweaks in your habits, you’ll start seeing results in weeks from now.

In my blog posts, I’ll share with you the exact process. You will be able to achieve the results you have been wanting by learning how to get rid of ineffective habits that are preventing you from being successful and then replacing them with effective habits that are going to be moving you towards the success you want every single day.

However, if you want to really ensure that you do anchor new positive habits, many find that hiring a Life Coach or a “Positive Habits Coach” speeds up the process multi-fold.

When you hire a coach, s/he’ll help you:

  • Identify the habits that are holding you back (or are straight up self-destructive)
  • Clarify the goals that you really want to achieve
  • Identify new empowering habits that will ensure that you’ll start moving towards living the life you really want to live
  • Your coach will hold you accountable every step of the way, ensuring that you do take the steps that you commit to

Reading about how to achieve something can be great and if you know you have the discipline to implement on your own, go for it. If, on the other hand, you are ready to step it up a notch and hire a coach to help you transform your goals into reality, do consider hiring a coach.

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